You can earn commissions just for referring users to BitCopy.

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What is the BitCopy referral program?

BitCopy is the copy trading service for cryptocurrency. And there are so many great traders. Our official partners are major cryptocurrency platforms such as, Bybit / Deribit / FTX / OKEx, so users can trade for free. If you introduce customers to BitCopy, you can refer users and earn lifetime commission on their transactions.

The Benefits of referring users to BitCopy

Here are some reasons why you should refer users to BitCopy.

Lifetime commission

- You can get rebates depending on volume generated by the customers.
- You can get rebates as lifetime commission until users stop trading.

Easy to Refer

- It is easy to refer users because BitCopy is free.
- There are many products to choose from, including famous traders.
- This is a new service with few competitors.

Easy to start

- You can start referring right now, just signup and get the link.


- Users can feel safe because our partners are major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Commission for referrer

Affiliate commission examples based on volume generated by users.

  • e.g.1

    1,404.00 USD/month
  • e.g.2

    8,424.00 USD/month
  • e.g.3

    28,080.00 USD/month

* 0.5BTC / 1 person
* 1BTC : 10,000 USD

There are many great traders and bots.

There are many traders and bots on BitCopy. You can refer traders that you like. Users can follow multiple products at same time, so you can introduce as many as you like.


Official partners

BitCopy has partnerships with major exchange platforms Bybit / Deribit / FTX / OKEx. They are top ranked leverage platforms according to Coin Gecko.

* Data by Coin Gecko

How to start referring

You can become an affiliate easily, just register on BitCopy and get a referral link.

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Next, refer users on your Social media such as Twitter, blog, email etc.
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