If you become a trader on BitCopy, your trades earn a commission.

Become a Trader!

How the copy trading system work on BitCopy?

There are many traders and users on BitCopy who copy traders.
Our official partners are Bybit, Deribit, FTX, OKEx, so our users can use BitCopy for free.
Every time you trade using BitCopy, you will receive a commission based on the amount of your follower’s transactions.
You can share your trades and earn a commission!

Why trade on BitCopy?

Here are some reasons to trade on BitCopy.

Earn a commission

- Trader can get a transaction commission based on the volume generated by their followers.
- Lifetime commision.

Easy to share your trades

- You need to connect your exchange account to BitCopy using the exchange API key. After connecting, when you trade on the account, the trade will automatically be shared to users through BitCopy.
- If you want to trade with a bot, you can use our API to share your trades.

Easy follower acquisition

- BitCopy has a referral program, so you can get your followers easily.


- Our official partners are major exchange platform. So, you can trade with confidence.

Commission for traders

When your followers copy your trades, BitCopy will pay you.
Commissions are based on the volume generated by your followers.

  • e.g.1

    1,404.00 USD/month
  • e.g.2

    7,020.00 USD/month
  • e.g.3

    14,040.00 USD/month

* 0.5BTC / 1 follower
* 1BTC : 10,000 USD

Our official partners

BitCopy has partnership major exhange platform, Bybit / Deribit / FTX / OKEx.
They are top ranker of Coin Gecko.

* Data by Coin Gecko
We are the partner of major exchanges, easy to introduce us with safety.

How to be BitCopy trader?

You can be trader of BitCopy easily. After registration, you need to connect your exchange account to BitCopy using an exchange API key. After that, when you trade, your trades will be shared to your followers.

User Register
Register from here.
Become a Trader!
Connect exchange account with BitCopy Register your exchange API key as a product account.
Product register
Edit your trading detail on your product. (Which account the product uses, how to trade, recommend margin, etc)
Start trading
Trade as usual on your exchange account. Your trading will be shared to follower's account automatically.
Confirm reward You can confirm the number of customers and earnings. Earnings will be reflected on your reward page by the 15th of next month.


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