Q. Is leverage set by bit copy?
A. The lot ratio set on BitCopy is a setting because it is just how much volume trade is copied.
It is not a barge setting.
Leverage will be set at each exchange.
A. Since the information of the position at the time of being followed is managed by BitCopy, the position held at that time in your account Settlement orders never fly.
Additionally, you will have a position in the same direction, or copying will start from the position you had once you settled.
A. Please unfollow it and make your own trading position to 0 before withdrawing.
A. 'Yes, you can follow me.
At that time, it will be used together, so please adjust the lot ratio> to achieve the proper balance.
A. No, you can use it for free.
A. For example, suppose you follow after a trader has 10,000 buy positions for $ 8,000.
If a trader places another 5,000 buy order for $ 9,000, the trader\'s position will have a buy position of $ 8,333.33, 15,000, which is the average volume of the two positions.
At this point, your account will only have 5,000 buy orders for $ 9,000.
A. You can change the magnification when you unfollow and follow again.
Please note that when you unfollow, the follow will be canceled while holding the position, so the remaining positions must be settled on the exchange side by yourself.
A. "Invalid Exchange API key" is displayed when it is not the correct API key registered on the exchange.
Please try registering the API key and secret key again.
In the case of Bybit, the browser does not display all the secret keys, so in that case Double-click the quartet key, etc., and select all to copy.
A. If "Duplicated Account" is displayed, it means that you have already registered the same account.
There is one BitCopy account per exchange account.
If you have deleted your registered account, please contact Support once.
A. BitCopy supports multiple virtual currency exchanges.
The format of transaction fees and interest rates on the exchange side differs for each exchange.
BitCopy is provided free of charge, and there is no additional fee on the exchange side.
Also, due to the nature of the service called copy trade, other copy trays, we do not plan to post fees on the exchange side, as the de-services have the same form.
A. Due to the nature of copy trading, the order will be placed in the child account after the contract of the parent account, so orders will not be entered exactly at the same time.
Therefore, the contract prices of the parent and child accounts may be different.
A. The exchange API key is encrypted when it is registered in BitCopy, so it cannot be used by a third party.
A. It will be the contract price in the parent account.
A. Depending on the position of the trader you followed, the copy of the trade may not start immediately.
This is because your position on BitCopy is adjusted according to the trader\'s position.
Please wait for the trade to start at.
A. BitCopy is a mechanism that confirms trader\'s execution signal and then distributes orders to followers.
Therefore, the trading times do not exactly match.
The display time of BitCopy is GMT ± 0.
A. Withdrawal of commissions is possible from 0.01 BTC or more. You can make a withdrawal by wallet page. https://bit-copy.com/en/wallet
A. Trader orders are delivered to followers as market orders at the moment the trader order is placed.
Similarly, when a trader places a limit order, the order will fly to the follower at the moment the limit order is settled.
A. Yes. After unfollowing the BitCopy trader, you will have to log in to each exchange and settle yourself.
In addition, if you make the above payments yourself by following the steps above, there may be a discrepancy between the bit copy trade and the actual trade, which may result in unexpected loss. Be sure to unfollow it before doing so.
A. [ Bybit ]
Withdraw (withdrawal) cannot be done on the BitCopy side because the API key has only authority within the range of "Active Order and Positions".
Please confirm that the authorization authority on the API key setting is only "Active orders and positions".
In addition, BitCopy is recognized by Bybit as an official third party, so you can use it with confidence.
A. About the reward, after finish the month, you can confirm until 15th on next month.
A. Perhaps. BTC is not in the derivative wallet on Bybit. Please move your BTC to the derivatives wallet on Bybit. Also, please note that it takes about 30 minutes for the balance to be reflected.