Help - Common

Withdraw commission

The reward is closed at the end of the month and will be reflected in the wallet by the 15th of the following month.

Click Other -> "Wallet" from the menu.

Click "New Wallet Address" in the red box.

Name Enter the name of withdrawal address
Currency Select withdrawal currency(BTC)
Wallet address Input your wallet address to withdraw

Enter all and click "Save".

The wallet address has been registered. Then click "Wallet".

Withdraw address Select withdraw address
Amount Input amount you want to withdraw

Enter all and click "Withdraw".

If there is "Processing" data in the history, it is being processed.
Withdrawals will be processed within 0-1 business day.
(Depending on the state of the block chain, the time to deposit may be mixed up)
If you want to cancel, click "Cancel".

The withdrawal process is complete if the history status is "Done".