OKEx x BitCopy


Promotion details

PERIOD 9:00 28th Sept. to 9:00 11th Oct. 2020 (Hong Kong Time)
RULES 1. Sign up BitCopy (Only unregistered from the link below)
Sign up BitCopy
2. During the event, users sign up OKEx via the link.
Sign up OKEx
3. Trade at least $100 worth on OKEx via BitCopy.
See the help below for how to link BitCopy and OKEx accounts and how to follow traders.
How to link BitCopy and OKEx
4. First 170 qualified participants will be rewarded up to 100 USDT each based on volume.
Bonus Table
Executed Trading Volume Bonus Winners
$100 $10 100
$1,000 $20 50
$10,000 $100 20
TERMS 1. This campaign is only valid for volume executed OKEx trading via BitCopy.
2. Pass KYC1 during the event.
3. Any cheating behavior like malicious registration, trading or multi-accounting will be disqualified.
4. OKEx will give out the reward within 7 working days after the campaign.