Crypto Guard

High leverage

 I am a full-time professional trader.
4 years of experience as a cryptocurrency trader
8 years of experience as an FX trader

Recommended margin is more than $5000.
(I trade $10000) If you want to get the same return with me, I recommend you to invest $10000. You can start with less than the amount.

I have lost so big money by FX that I had big trouble living in the past. Since that, I faced myself and strived to learn FX from the beginning again. Now I came to make good returns from trading.
And I started cryptocurrency trading 4 years ago, and now I make a living from trading both FX and cryptocurrencies.

This system is maintained money properly. I set a stoploss order for each trade. I don't use any average down and up method. You can check it from my trading history.
Bitcopy offers MAM with you, where your assets are managed by traders from professionals to armatures. Some of them don't set any stoploss order and use martingale method. It means that there is a possibility that you lose all your asset in a day. Please have a safe asset utilisation.








 July  Profit $1094  Growth 10.9%↑  Cumulative total (1090$)
 August  Profit -$89 Growth 0.89%↓ (1183$)
 September Profit $988 Growth 9.88%↑ (2171$)
★October  Profit $1685 Growth 16.85% ↑ more than 15% up ( 3856$)
★November Profit $3022 Growth 30.22%↑ more than 30% up (6878$)
★★December Profit $4649 Growth 46.49%↑ more than 45% up (11527$)

★★January Profit  $6854 Growth  68.54% ↑ more than 65% up (18381$)
The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.