Goldman trades

Hello, world!

Goldman is my brand name in cryptocurrency trading.
I am an investor and loan ombudsmen with more than 10 years experience.
For the last 4 years I concentrate on the cryptocurrency trading and investing.
Also, I have arbitrage trading bots, but I don't use them here.

Here I'll be trading my manual intraday trading strategy which is based on the mix of systematic and discretionary approaches.
In the details, I'm using historical price data, volatility, market phases etc.
Also, my strategy includes modern vision of VSA, cluster analysis and Market profile.

I don't trade by news and other fundamental signals like correlation between spot price opposite derivatives price.
But I mark important news for myself, like changes in exchange CEO managment, claims or statements of financial regulators of countries against exchanges, their management or cryptocurrencies generally.

As a result, I have a good trading strategy that allows me to better understand the market situation, ignoring all the near-market noise.

You are welcome to follow!
The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.