"Everyone, when choosing an investment target
For example,
When selecting a trader with bitcopy,
we're trying to choose based on ranking, number of followers, ROI, etc., but in reality, "sense of security" is important. "

I always talk to investment members like this.

Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Pentacles, a trader with 28 years of investment history.

The first thing I did was an IPO of stocks.
Since then, I have been engaged in various transactions such as ordinary stock trading, foreign exchange trading, and CFD.

Now, I am living a fun and leisurely day like a cat in the photo while trading Bitcoin, focusing on real estate investment.

This kind of fun is due to the "safety" investment I mentioned at the beginning.

I think that everyone who thinks that "there is no sense of security" in Bitcoin trading is a person with considerable experience.
I also melt the funds through foreign exchange trading many times, so I can understand that feeling well.

On the other hand, that is why I have a strong desire to "never melt funds" more than anyone else.
The following three items are "my beliefs" for trading with a sense of security.
① Put in the loss cut properly (not a high win rate)
② Do not do gambling-like transactions
③ Still, from a long-term perspective, the profit will be 5% or more.

If you don't mind, why don't you experience a world with a sense of security with me?



はじめまして、投資歴28年のトレーダー、Dr.Pentacles です。





 ① ロスカットをきちんと入れる(高勝率ではありません) 
 ② ギャンブル的な取引はしない
 ③ それでも、長期的視点で、5%以上の利益になってしまう

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