In most cases I sell the options, if the market is getting close to the strike price I buy the underlined asset through a future contract. This strategy is also called Covered call or covered put and in a research done by the CME group it shows over performance compared to regular long strategy.

Some key parameters:
- I trade with small amounts, thus my portfolio has on average a 100 trades a month
- I Swing trade, thus my trading have a time horizon (average life duration) between a day and two month.
- My average return is between 2% to 5% a month historically with relatively low max draw down of 10%
- I increase the risk only for profitable portfolios thus the drawdown for the portfolio in day 1 is lower than 10%
- Average leverage is up to 1 to 5 for Crypto trading.
The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.