Hello guys,
Milad is here. I am trading on online markets for more than 5 years and entered to Crypto markets for around one.
I try to use my learned analytical experiences on Cryptos as well as following lot of news and signals about the market.
My first priority is to keep my and followers account safe. Less positions and trades but the safest ones.
My methodology is a combination of technical analysis along with deeper price action trends.
If following me or not, i want to send my best wishes in your trading path and anyway, i would be happy to have you among my followers.

very important note:
I seriously need to explain you something that it was confusing for myself when i knew this system. It is about Margin , Leverage and Lot ratio.
I put the recommended margin to 1000 usd so newbies can start with. but the important thing is that your account should be capable of getting positions up to 10,000 usd to get a reasonable profit. So leverage on your exchange account can work . if u have 1000 USD on your account and following this product u should put the leverage on your exchange account to *10 (FTX is supporting also many other exchanges)
if u don't use leverage at all , when i get a position with the amount more than your account that trade will not be copied into yours.
Also Lot ratio is important to be set right. as it is explained on the site it is a deduction of recommended margin. if you have 1000 it will be 1 for this product. if you have 500 you will need to set the lot ratio to 0.5 here also set your leverage to 10 on your exchange account.
The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.