1  ボリバンとRSI、RCIを組み合わせた反発狙いのトレードを主にしています。
 → 数回に分割したエントリーになります。LONGオンリーです。
2 移動平均線のGC、DCを見ながら、スイング気味のトレードをします。
 → こちらはLONG主体のエントリーになります。



〇 ボリンジャーバンド、RSI、RCIを指標とした急騰、急落の場面でのトレード
〇 移動平均線、フィボナッチを指標としたデイ~スイング(数日)トレード
〇 日足平均足を指標としたスイングトレード
〇 金利、取引所間乖離、現先乖離を使用したトレンド把握


This is IKURA 'salmon roe'.
It is traded once to several times a day, because I'm a trader who works as a side business trader.
If the price movement is small, I will not make an entry.

[Trading style with this account]
1. I mainly trade for short-term repulsion by combining Bollinger Bands, RSI and RCI.
→ The entry will be divided into several times. It is LONG only.
2 At the same time, while watching the GC and DC of the moving average line, we will trade with a slight swing.
→ This is an entry for both LONG and SHORT.
Currently (as of March 2021), the Bitcoin market is on an upward trend, so SHORT will be half to one-third of LONG's LOT.

The upward trend has continued since the end of last year, and although the feeling of ceiling is drifting, I'm maintaining the winning percentage by continuing to trade mainly with LONG.

The recommended margin at the start of operation is 0.01.
I will operate with compound interest, so please correct the entry LOT as appropriate.

5th year as a side business trader, BTC main
〇Short-term trading in the scene of sudden rise and fall using Bollinger Bands, RSI, RCI as indicators
〇 Day-swing (several days) trade using the moving average and Fibonacci as indicators
〇 Swing trading using the daily average bar as an index
〇 Grasp trends using interest rates, exchange divergence, and repurchase divergence
Is the axis of the current trade.
BOT is also in operation.

3/18 postscript
The current recommended margin is 0.03 BTC.
The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.