DEKA Trading


Please be sure to read below
I am not responsible for any loss or disadvantage caused by following this product.
Please follow at your own risk.

I make discretionary trades. I trade regardless of whether it is forward or reverse.
It is in operation at about 0.3BTC (about 15,000 USD in US dollars).
The trading time axis is mainly day-swing. In rare cases, scalping may also be performed.
The frequency of transactions seems to be about 2 to 3 times a day. Depending on the market conditions, I may not trade.
Basically, the leverage is operated at about 2 to 7 times, and the maximum risk tolerance is assumed to be about 20% of the margin. (Maximum risk tolerance may change depending on the amount of margin)
Depending on the market conditions, I may trade with a leverage of about 10 times sometimes. Please be careful if you are following.
I may trade by methods and conditions other than the above.

In addition, the following is my personal opinion. In investment and speculation, all risks need to be eliminated. In BitCopy, it is recommended to set the leverage for each product as low as possible and follow more products. The recommended margin is 15,000 USD, but the recommended margin is just a guide. The more margin you have, the more you can prevent unexpected loss-cutting, but please be aware that if you do not manage your funds properly, your losses may increase.




The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.