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This strategy has been developed e automated in 2020 after transformed $100.000usd in $1.000.000,00usd in less than an year.

It is an AI algorithm trying to catch which algorithm will be the best performer for the next 24 hours. This AI algorithm is a deep learning model based on a combination of recurrent neural networks and attention mechanism, using features prices, some statistical indicators derived from prices and some alternative data extracted from social networks. The strategy invests 100% on the three best choices given by the AI algorithm respecting the scores of the model.

There is great risk management, all trades are made without levarege, and the monthly objective is to profit more than 20% per month.

We at Bit Investe are a platform that invests in bots and charge a 30% performance fee on Profits.
But here, you can invest with us for free, we will not charge the performance fee, but it is MANDATORY that you open your account at Bybit using our referral link

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Profit free, with no liquidation risk, with the best decentralized investment company in the world.

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Profit Last 12 months: 544,12%
Max Drawdown: 19%
Profit Sept 20: 11,7%
Profit Oct 20: 18,1%
Profit Nov 20: 25,7%
Profit Dec 20: 32,7%
Profit Jan 21: 16,5%
Profit Feb 21: 49,8%
Profit Mar 21: 4,0%
Profit Apr 21: 6,2%
Profit May 21: 41,0%
Profit Jun 21: -12,6%
Profit Jul 21: 18,1%

Ration Win/Loss: 79.57%
AVG trades duration: 1d
Expected trade return:0.89%
Best trade:15.10%
Worst trade:-4.00%

AVG Daily return:0.52%
AVG Weekly return:3.68%
AVG Monthly return:16.77%

Remember: To use our bot for free its MANDATORY that you open a new account on Bybit using our referral link:
The Closed P&L does not include the transaction fee and funding rate of the crypto currency exchange. BitCopy is free to use.