Prof Alex

初心者向け 長期安定 利益安定 マニュアル
Hi, guys.
I am a professional crypto currensy trader, Alex.
I have 20 years experience of trading.
Early in the trading, I have traded stock, future index, commodity and so.
After that, I started arbitrage and discretionary trading of crypto currensy in 2016.
Since 2016, I continue to make profits on a yearly basis in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
My methodology is system and discretionary trading half and half.
In discretionary trading, I focus as below.
- Correlation between stock indices, commodities, interest rates and major altcoins
- Funding rate of cryptocurrency
- Defference of bitcoin futures price and spot bitcoin price
- Event news, like a halving, listed on CME or bakkt, approved Bitcoin ETF or not and so on
- deviation of trader’s position from many source
I try to develop methods that apply to crypto market.
確定損益には仮想通貨取引所の取引手数料、Funding rateは含まれません。BitCopyの利用料は無料です。