Olivia BTC BOT by CheTrader

I am a professional trader dedicated to algorithmic trading.
This strategy is fully automated.

What we do is look for high probability trading opportunities, with tight stop loss.
This strategy is based on a 30-minute time frame.
We will enter a trade following the main trend after a retracement.

The BOT will manage the Stop Loss and Take Profit, it is not necessary to include any of these parameters.
Stop Loss is based on volatility and can go from less than 1% to +5%+ in certain occasions of high volatility.
Low or no leverage is recommended.

You can see the full results for this strategy from 2019 at this link:

***This report includes 0.1% commission+slippage which is 33% more than the normal commission of 0.075%***

I will test 3 months with live results, with an initial capital account of 0.01 BTC and 25% account X1 leverage, while you can follow the results here.
This strategy is free at BitCopy for the moment, so take the opportunity to follow it!

**Disclaimer: Any gain or loss generated by following these signals is at your own risk,be careful how you manage your money.
確定損益には仮想通貨取引所の取引手数料、Funding rateは含まれません。BitCopyの利用料は無料です。