BTC - Wave - High Frequency

BTC - 100% - Please note that every trade uses 100% of Equity - so keep in mind to not run any other strategy on the account! (DO NOT RUN THIS with our other offering as it uses 100% of balance as well)

High Frequency Trading based on Wave Theory - differs from our other offering in that only one position opened at 100% of balance. But there can be multiple trades every day during times of high volatility.

Target is 20% to 40% monthly -

If you have less than $10,000 in equity - follow using formula:

Balance/10,000 = Lot Size Ratio -

Example: $200 = $200/$10,000 = 0.02 Lot Size

We are a group dedicated to help the world at large learn about crypto and this is one of our flagship trading projects. (More to come in the future)

Check our community on Facebook - - you can contact with questions there.
確定損益には仮想通貨取引所の取引手数料、Funding rateは含まれません。BitCopyの利用料は無料です。